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Indigo Clay

hand made ceramics  .  bespoke short runs  .  pottery classes & workshops 
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this is me
. . . make pots by the sea . . .

I create considered, deliberate objects from clay, to be appreciated and handled every day. Inspired by my local environment - seascapes, foliage, rocks, waves, sunsets, storms and sunshine. 

After completing my Degree in Design/Ceramics at the SA school of Art Underdale, I worked in my own studio in the Adelaide hills and also decorated tableware at 'Dingo clay' for many years. 

Then I studied Ayurvedic medicine and set up a wellness centre, but working with clay is my passion.  It is a profound, ponderous, meditative practise. 




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"   There’s  something  beautifully  respectful  about  turning  earth  into  finely  made  objects  to  be  treasured  by  their  owners...   
the  process is  fun,  rewarding  and  always  a  little unpredictable." 

Chris Wilksch

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Port Noarlunga south,  South Australia  5167

text:  0414 391 349


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